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Community Guidelines

As a creator or client on, we have a few ground rules to help you get the most out of the platform.

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These guidelines were last updated 8/29/2017.

Respect Clients and Creators

First and foremost is the importance of respect between creators and clients. That means you! While we don't expect everyone to be perfect all the time, please be mindful when using our services or interacting with others. At its core, remember that buying and selling content requires some professionalism! We trust you, treat others like how you would expect them to treat you.

These guidelines are just that, guidelines. They're not meant to cover every conceivable issue, nor are they meant to be rigid and strict in their interpretation.

Prohibited Content

Illegal Content

We cannot allow content on our services that is illegal in the United States, the state of Delaware, or the state of California. In general, if you think it might be against the law, we recommend you avoid it. You should also be wary to ensure you do not break any laws in your locality. 

We comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the United States. How we do this is outlined in our Copyright Policy, but suffice it to say, content that infringes on the intellectual property (copyright, trademark, etc.) rights of others is not permitted, and we will remove it upon appropriate notice. Even then, don't use others' stuff without permission, it's rude! 

Hateful or Harmful Content

We cannot and do not support content that promotes or condones hatred or violence against a particular group based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender identity, age, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other similar immutable characteristics. Upon being identified by our team, such content will be removed without warning.

We also do not permit content that glorifies or encourages self-harm or the harm of others. However, we understand creative outlets are a way to alleviate some of these feelings, and will make a case-by-case determination to age-restrict or remove this content, as necessary. We may also reach out to the individual to provide appropriate resources if we believe they may be in danger. 

Prohibited Behaviors

Scamming and Spamming

Unsurprisingly, we do not tolerate attempts to scam or spam through the platform. Be authentic with your offerings for both purchase and sale, and do not attempt to deceive or trick others. Do not use as a means to inappropriately promote your content or the content of others. We have a zero-tolerance policy for this behavior. Anyone found to be attempting to deceive or scam others through the platform will have their account terminated. We may take additional steps as necessary. 

Harassment and Inappropriate Sharing

Remember, buying and selling is a professional exchange. As such, we don't permit harassment of any nature on the services. Please do not go on an expletive filled rant, send a message every 20 minutes, or try to flirt with the creator or buyer. That includes sharing too much information about yourselves. 


We have a zero-tolerance policy for threats, violent or otherwise, against buyers or sellers. Individuals found to be engaging in such behavior will have their account terminated. We may escalate credible threats of violence to law enforcement agencies. 

Help Us Keep It Clean

Help us keep organized and safe! This means ensuring that you're using tags appropriately, categorizing your listings correctly, and using the NSFW filter as appropriate. 

If you're working with a creator or client and need to share any content that may be NSFW (violence, nudity, sensitive content, etc.) please verify with them that it's ok before sending it. It's just one extra step, and can help you maintain a great working relationship with them. 

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