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Making Your Workboard Public
Making Your Workboard Public

You have the option to make your workboard public, but we take steps to limit what information can be seen by the public.

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As a creator, you have a Workboard available to help you manage your projects at a glance. 

By default this is visible only to you. However, you have the option to make a limited version of your workboard public. This can help communicate with your clients, and keep them updated on your current workload. 

What do I see on my workboard? 

When you look at your workboard, you get a full overview of your projects, including: (1) The number of Pending, Queued, Active, and Submitted projects; (2) The name and client for each projects; (3) The listing type (if available); (4) The last time the project was updated or commented on. 

You also get information about project status, for example if the project is waiting on your response, the client's response, or the due date is imminent or past. 

What can the public see? 

When you make your workboard public, we show: (1) The number of your Pending, Queued, Active, and Submitted projects; (2) The listing type (if available); and (3) What projects are in each bucket. 

We do not display any information about the specific project or client. The tool is meant to provide an overview of your work and status while preserving your client's privacy. 

Example of what the public will see. 

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