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Why am I being asked to use two-factor authentication?
Why am I being asked to use two-factor authentication?

To help protect the most sensitive areas of your account, we're using two-factor authentication to verify your access.

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We're always looking to improve security for our creators. That's why as of October 6, 2018, you'll need to use two-factor authentication to access sensitive areas of your account, including your payment information. 

This only impacts the most sensitive areas of your account. At the moment, two-factor authentication is not required to access your profile, projects, profile settings, etc. 

Verify by Email

To start, we're using email as the primary method to verify your account. When you request a code, we'll send a unique validation code to your email. You can either click the link, or copy the code directly. 

Once you've authenticated yourself, we'll remember this for a variable period of time to best protect your account. If we notice any sudden changes with the device logged in, we may ask you to re-authenticate. 

What about SMS? Google Authenticator? Can I use this for my whole account?

We're looking at expanding the scope and service of our two-factor authentication in the near future, including the ability to use SMS and authenticator apps to verify ownership. 

If you'd be interested in one of these different authentication methods, please let us know! 

Can I opt-out? 

At the moment it isn't possible to opt-out of two-factor authentication for creator settings. However, we're monitoring feedback to see if this is something we should offer in the future. 

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