On January 1, 2021 new EU regulations require payment processors to change how payments from EU citizens are processed.

As part of this migration, we're launching an updated version of our checkout flow with our payment partner, Stripe. This new flow allows for enhanced security and a better experience for clients. In the old checkout flow, you would enter your payment information in a small window that appeared over Commiss.io. In the new checkout flow, you'll be redirected to Stripe.com to complete your payment.

No action is required by creators or clients for this transition. This documentation is provided for your information. In addition

Comparison of old checkout, which was a modal appearing on top of our invoice / listing pages, and new checkout which is hosted on stripe.com.

Comparison of checkout flows by Stripe

A note about monthly support:

The monthly support feature is currently in maintenance mode and not super actively updated. There are a number of added layers of complexity to update this feature to comply with the new EU regulations and we haven't yet taken those steps.

We recommend if you're using the monthly support feature with EU clients that you migrate to another platform (Patreon, etc.) that more actively supports those features.

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