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Your Username, Display Name, and Legal Name
Your Username, Display Name, and Legal Name

How your username, display name, and legal name work on

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There are three types of names used on to identify you publicly and within our backend systems. 

Your Display Name

You sign up with your display name. It's shown on your profile, comments, projects, listings and other locations around the site. This can be your real name, shop name, or any other appropriate name. It can't violate trademarks or otherwise be in violation of the Terms of Service. 

Your Username

Your first username is automatically generated for you based on your display name. You can change your username at any point in your settings. Your username is displayed in a few places, but mostly used to navigate to your profile page: 

Your username doesn't need to be the same as your display name or legal name, but again it can't violate trademarks or violate the Terms of Service. 

Your Legal Name

When setting up your payment details, we collect your real name in order to identify you with our payment provider, and to satisfy certain compliance requirements. This is held securely with our payment provider and only visible to some select staff. It isn't displayed publicly and otherwise isn't made available unless otherwise required as per our Privacy Statement

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know at any point !

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