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How does protect me from fraud?
How does protect me from fraud? uses state of the art fraud detection and offers chargeback protection when using Stripe for payment processing.

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This article is for creators on For buyers, see Safe Buying on

This policy may change at any time at's sole discretion. We will notify you via in-app messaging if any changes are made to this policy. 

When Using Stripe

When using Stripe to process your payments, we're able to make use of their state of the art fraud detection and management platform. As a result, we're able to filter out a large number of fraudulent transactions before they even occur.

However, not every instance of fraud involves a stolen credit card, or other suspicious behavior that can automatically be tracked. To help prevent fraud, we collect billing address and verify CVC and zip/postal codes (when available) for all transactions on 

These protections do not apply to any in-person or offsite invoicing. Only transactions processed with Stripe are protected at this time. 

What happens if a charge is disputed? 

There are two ways a charge can be disputed. With directly, or with the cardholder's bank. If a charge is disputed with, we'll work to determine if the dispute is valid and try to reach an amicable solution between the creator and buyer wherever possible. 

If a charge is disputed with the cardholder's bank, we must follow rigid dispute guidelines set out by the card processing companies. We will submit evidence, when possible, to prove to the card company that the transaction was valid, but ultimately the determination there is out of our hands. 

Chargeback/dispute protection offered by 

For any dispute, regardless of whether it is with the cardholder's bank or us directly, staff will review the complete available record to attempt to make a determination of the circumstances involved.

If it appears that the dispute is through no fault of the creator, chargeback protection will automatically kick in. 

What counts towards the limits? 

Whenever a buyer is refunded, but we don't withdraw the funds from your account, this counts against your monthly and annual chargeback protection limits. 

In most cases, this would be when a cardholder's bank determines that a dispute is valid, but we either disagree or feel that the circumstances involved were out of your control. 

Limits for Project Disputes

Since has a more complete record of transactions for projects, we're able to offer more chargeback/dispute protection. To best take advantage of this, ensure that you record all interactions with your client on your Commissio projects. 

  • Monthly: $200 or 10 disputed transactions, whichever occurs first.

  • Yearly: $1000 or 25 disputed transactions, whichever occurs first. 

Limits for Other Transactions

Since we don't have access to the full record for other transactions, we're not able to offer as comprehensive chargeback/dispute protection. 

  • Monthly: $50 or 5 disputed transactions, whichever occurs first.

  • Yearly: $500 or 25 disputed transactions, whichever occurs first. 

Special considerations for disputes filed with Commissio

Our dispute resolution attempts to find an amicable solution between the creator and the buyer. As a result, we don't follow rigid guidelines and make a case-by-case determination.

As such, most disputes filed with our staff directly will not go toward your limits. Only in exceptional circumstances where we determine that we should refund the client without withdrawing the funds from your account will it count toward your limits. In most cases we can find an amicable solution that works for all parties. 

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